Child ID Program 2007

Belleview Masonic Lodge No. 95



The Belleview Masons will be holding their 3rd annual FREE CHILD ID PROGRAM in April. The members of Belleview Lodge will take a digital photograph of your child and place it on a CD along with all of your child’s pertinent information. Data will include height, weight, hair color, eye color, birth date, age, and fingerprints. Fingerprinting and DNA samples will be taken by the MARION COUNTY SHERIFFS’ DEPARTMENT. This CD will be yours to keep with all this critical information. In the event that your child is missing or abducted you can turn this CD over to a Law Enforcement Officer and he can load the information into his computer and transmit it State Wide to all Local and State Law Enforcement Agencies, effectively setting an Amber Alert, to help find your child. Time can be critical in finding a missing child and having this CD available can rapidly help in the process of recovering your child before its too late.

APRIL 14, 2007 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

at Belleview Masonic Lodge No. 95

FREE Hot Dogs, Milk, Soda, Ice Cream and services will be provided by these fine Sponsors.


Belleview Masonic Lodge is

Located on Baseline Road (C-25)

next to the Belleview Florist

For more information call:

WM. John Pisani at 352-629-1700 or

Rev. G. Dallas Douma Jr. at 352-552-2050

From The Voice, Below

VOICE OF SOUTH MARION, April 19, 2007, Page 18

Child ID Program Very Successful

Belleview Masonic Lodge No. 95,
in conjunction with business, governmental and civic sponsors held its third annual FREE Child Id Program on Saturday, April 14.
Photographs, fingerprints and DNA samples were copied onto a CD and given
to the parents to keep.
In the event a child is missing the CD can be immediately accessed by any state law enforcement officer and flashed statewide triggering an Amber Alert.
Members of the Shrine Clown
group and Marion County Sheriff's Explorers were on hand to help with this project.

Brianna Daughty has a DNA sample taken.

Ocala Shrine Club Clowns entertain Paige, Haley,
and Jordan Matthews and
McKenzie Blankinsob.

Explorer James Baker, fingerprints Luka

Taylor Underwood, thinks getting her fingerprints taken is cool.



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