Worshipful Master, KEN WILLIAMS

Left to right back row, Steve Whaley, Tony Martin, John Pisani, Terry Davies, Tom Ventre.
Front row, Russell McNealy, W. Ken Williams, Joe Ruger, Lloyd Dorsey.

Senior Warden Russell McNealy 233-0568 Senior Deacon Tony Martin 693-4000
Junior Warden Joseph Ruger 870-4910 Junior Deacon Dave Smith 374-2035
Treasurer W. John Paul Pisani 362-3825 Senior Steward Lloyd Dorsey 625-0664
Secretary W. Steve Whaley 347-6547 Junior Steward W. Wayne "Scotty" Flynn 307-1752
Chaplain W. Thomas "Arlo" Ventre 216-7065 Tyler Roger Miller 693-4144
Marshall W. Terry Davies 245-0046  

From the Voice of South Marion

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