Belleview Masonic Lodge No. 95

5871 SE Baseline Road, Belleview, FL 34420 (352)-245-6468

Chartered January 19, 1887

Meetings: 2nd and 4th Thursdays.  Dinner at 6:30PM.  Meeting at 7:30PM


                                            Worshipful Master    W.˙. Tony Martin   693-4000

Senior Warden         W.˙. H. Roger Miller        693-4144                                 
Junior Warden          Bro.  Randy Young         687-1107

Secretary     W.˙. Steve Whaley   347-6547

Treasurer     W.˙. Terry Davies   245-3729

Chaplain     W.˙. Tom “Arlo” Ventre   216-7065

Senior Deacon     W.˙. Joseph Ruger   870-4910

Junior Deacon       Bro.  Tim Maloney   536-4123

Senior Steward         W.˙. John Pisani

Junior Steward          W.˙. Ken Brown

 Marshall          W.˙. Russ McNealy        233-0568

 Tyler                Bro.  Huston Dilley        307-9142

Mark your Calendar!

NOVEMBER .8th PAST MASTERS NIGHT                   




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We ALWAYS need volunteers to help with the Breakfast!  Please join us for this important opportunity for fellowship!!


Brother Don Roberts working on catechism for EA   
Brother James Potter working on catechism for EA

Brother Dan Murry working on catechism for EA

Mr. Aaron Chase working on catechism for EA

Mr. Brady Williams working on catechism for EA

Mr. Samuel Alan Jones working on catechism for EA

Perpetual Membership

A Perpetual Membership not only benefits you for your lifetime, it also benefits your Lodge as proceeds from the Perpetual Membership are used to offset Grand Lodge per capita every year for years to come.  It is a legacy in your name.  Please consider a Perpetual Membership.  Ask Secretary W.˙.  Steve Whaley for forms and information.

Sickness and Distress

If anyone knows of any sickness or distress within our Fraternity, please contact Chaplain W.˙.Tom Ventre 216-7065 or one of the Lodge Officers.  To our brothers and friends who are sick or housebound, we ask the Lord God to keep you under his protection until we can meet again.  Special Prayers go out to the men and women of our Military, First Responders.


Please send the Secretary   W.˙. Steve Whaley your E-mail address, so we can reduce the expense of snail mailing the trestleboard.


Mr. & Mr. Steve Whaley       Mr.& Mrs. Thomas Shoopman      Mr. Johnny Walker

Mr. Art Umland                     Mr.& Mrs. George Reynolds

Mr.& Mrs. Tom Ventre          Mr. Harry Medlock

Out of the East


  I hope this message finds all in good health. It has been a whirlwind year, we have taken on a full year TOGETHER, and added two additional fund raisers to attempt to add funds to the line item for building maintenance, RESERVES.  We have had discussions about finances, because I believe we need to increase our dues, there are some that suggested we need to curb our spending, to date I have heard no input as to WHERE we could cut. We will be voting in January for a dues increase. 

 The dining room is looking great with the addition of new chairs, these chairs cost the Lodge NOTHING. I purchased the chairs, and a bunch of people chipped in to help pay for them, I wish to thank ALL that did this. I intend to purchase a plaque with the names of those contributors. Again at no cost to the Lodge. Be sure to look for this plaque in the dining room, in the near future. 

 I have enjoyed my year as your Worshipful Master, and want to thank my officers, And the active members of the Lodge for all their support and hard work. Together we have worked hard and had great fellowship while doing it. May the great architect keep you and yours safe and healthy.   THANK YOU, MY BROTHERS and SISTERS, for all you do.

Tony K Martin

Tony Martin:. Worshipful Master

OUT of the WEST                                                                                                                                 


    As some of you have found, we now have some very nice chairs in our dinning 

room.  We received many compliments from our Rib Fest diners, 

as well as a few donations to help pay for them. Thank you for your help. 

    The Rib Fest went well, with the help of our usual volunteers and some of 

our new Brothers. And also, for the help we have received from some of our 

brothers from other Lodges. This made for less work for everyone, and we must 

thank them for their efforts. 

     We are preparing for upcoming Fellow Craft degrees and always welcome 

anyone who would like to participate in the degree work. We usually practice 

every Monday evening. Call our WM to check. 

     Our next monthly Breakfast will be Saturday, Nov. 10th. The attendance is 

beginning to pick up, with the Snow Birds starting to come home. Please come to 

our Lodge for breakfast and check out the new seating, and don’t forget, “all 

you can eat for 6 dollars”. This month the surprise entree is again “a 


     These fund raisers are a lot of work and we don’t want to burn anyone out, 

so we need all the help we can get to make it easier on everyone.  

    Many Lodges have had to raise their dues to offset the rising cost of 

keeping the doors open, some more than $300 per year. These fundraisers have 

helped us keep our dues lower. 

     I hope to see you all at our next meeting. Until then, may God bless you 

and keep you and your family safe.

H. Roger Miller 

Senior Warden 

Freemasonry is not about how good of a man you are.... It’s about how good of a 

man, you want to be. 

Robert Herd 

Out of the South


 I am writing you from the south for the last time this masonic year. As the year closes and the holiday’s approach us, we still have a little work to do. We still need to help the Worshipful Master with the upcoming fish fry, and the last few breakfasts. Don’t forget to come out and vote in December, as we will be electing the new officers for the upcoming Masonic year. I wish everyone a Happy Holidays and God bless.

Randy Young

Junior Warden

Worthy Matron- Mary H. Moody OES Chapter 122      1St and 3rd Tuesday @7:30pm


                Next Meeting NOVEMBER 6TH/ DECEMBER 4TH &18TH 


$10.00 ADULTS


Upcoming Events

Breakfast  Nov.10th


                     UPCOMING EVENTS

             November 8th Past masters night

             November 10th Breakfast

             November 17th  Fish Fry

             December 7th Xmas party

             December 8th Breakfast

             December 13th Elections

             December 15th Light up Lake Lilian 

                  Dates are subject to change